Thursday, 31 July 2014

5 Co-ord Summer Must Haves

top 5 favourite co-ords you need this summer motel rocks pretty little thing

Co-ords are making a massive statement this summer, and who could be surprised? They're edgy, versatile and most importantly, take away the effort of attempting to piece together a top and a bottom! So whether you prefer to go short or long, bold print or basics, matchy-matchy or mix it up, co-ords are a HUGE trend not to be missed out on. 

Here are my personal top five favourites that are certain to add style to your summer wardrobe:

Motel Rocks Pink Gingham Co-ord Summer
Motel Pink Gingham
First up: gingham! I've seen it printed EVERYWHERE recently and it's become one of my absolute favourites. It's super cute and looks particularly gorgeous in pastel colours, as seen in this baby pink co-ord from Motel. The material also covers quite a small area, making sure that you won't be mistaken for someone sporting a picnic blanket!

Motel Rocks Sunflower Co-ord Summer
Motel Sunflower Top | Skirt
Flower power! I adore floral patterns and love this bold sunflower print as it's a little different to the usual pastel designs.

Pretty Little Thing Aztec Co-ord Summer Midi Skirt
Pretty Little Thing Aztec Top | Skirt

Aztec is another one of my long time favourites, and even more so in the summer months. Add a pop of colour to your wardrobe with this neon number, which also features a longer skirt, making it perfect for more elegant and formal occasions.

Pretty Little Thing Pineapple Co-ord Summer
Pretty Little Thing Pineapple Top | Skirt

Get fruity with this exotic pineapple print - apt for lounging on a golden beach whilst holidaying in a tropical location! Or simply your garden... that works too.

Pretty Little Thing Pom Pom Co-ord Summer
Pretty Little Thing Pom Pom Top | Shorts

Finally, a trend I've only just started to notice recently - pom poms! They're super cute, unique and add some excitement to what would otherwise be a boring outfit. I can definitely see it becoming increasingly popular in time for AW14!

So there we have it...
Which co-ord print is your favourite?

Nina JC xo


  1. Flower patterns are awesome, so are the pineapples! My favorite is look #3 :)


  2. Beautiful co-ords! The pineapple one is my favorite - I'm obsessed with pineapples at the moment - but the pom pom one is really cute and much more wearable too.
    Elina | Miss Blue Eyes

  3. I don't have any co-ords yet so this post is making me want to run out and buy some! Why must I be broke? :'(
    Elesaurus |
    Youtube - Eleanor Rose

  4. Some lovely picks! I love number 4 and 5.

    sammy xx

  5. Great picks! I don't have any co-ords but really like them, the pineapples are so cute x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. I love co-ords! I especially love the black one with the pom poms, it's gorgeous!

    Seren x
    Terrible Thrills

  7. I love co-ords and that pineapple print is gorgeous. Xx

  8. I love co-ords but I'm definitely not brave enough to pull one off. I'm in love with that Aztec print one, for sure though. That's what I would pick if I was taking the plunge, I think.

    S xo.

  9. The pineapple ones look surprisingly chic and pretty! And I love the tassels on the fourth one, it's totally my style! :) So glad I found you on today's twitter chat, I'm following you now! :)

    Every Day In Grace

  10. I LOVE the pompom detailing...need! lovely post (:

    laura // xx

  11. sunflower and pom pom are my faves, they are just so cute - but then gain I love the pineapple ones too ahahha xx


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