Monday, 8 September 2014

#TeenBlogSeries Week 3: Favourite Highstreet Shop

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It's #TeenBlogSeries time again! (If you're unsure as to what this means, you can read my introductory post on the series here.) As many of you have probably realised, I skipped last week's topic, 'Best Foundation & Brow Routine for Teens', as I don't really wear make-up often so I wouldn't have had much to contribute - however, I still enjoyed reading everyone's posts as usual! Moving on to this week's topic, it's 'Favourite Highstreet Shop & Picks' and I've chosen to focus this post on the lovely River Island, a highstreet store I'm sure we're all very familiar with.
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It seems whenever I enter the shop I fall in love with everything and always end up at least trying something on, which is quite rare for someone as finicky as me. Although everything in there is divine, the one thing that pushes RI above all the other highstreet stores for me is their unbelievable shoe collection - chunky boots, buckles and block heel galore! I also particularly adore the metallic elements that are often incorporated within the designs.

Since I've just preached about how amazing River Island's shoes are, I think it would make sense for me to choose the footwear aspect when talking about my favourite picks from their store, so I thought I'd start by showing you a couple of the pairs that I already own:
I bought these just last week for £20 in the sale and they're already my favourite pair of shoes in my wardrobe. (Although I'm a little scared to wear them out in case I somehow end up ruining them!) It seems my Instagram followers were quite big fans of the shoe too.

Now this one's a bit of a throwback! These grunge inspired beauties are part of Rihanna's (yes, the Rihanna!) first collection for River Island all the way back last year. Despite being released in summer 2013, I think these would still be perfect for the autumn/winter months ahead and feature a favourite of mine, the trusty block heel, just like the above pair.

As well as showing you my favourite River Island footwear picks from my wardrobe, I've also compiled a wishlist of some of the shoes I'm currently drooling over from their website - all in earthy tones for AW14:
river island shoes

Do you love River Island too? What's your favourite highstreet store? 

Nina JC xo


  1. I love River Island! They have such lovely items, I think I'm going to get my winter coat from there this year!

    I also love your picks!

    Style Storms

  2. Loved this post, I love River Island too :)

  3. Completely different from anything I would buy but I actually really like the first pair, looks like a style I should try out! My #teenblogseries is x

  4. Oooh I love the pairs you own they are stunning and what a bargain River Island have seriously upped their game in coming years, love it xxx


  5. Love the shoes, I absolutely love River Island.

    Kirsty :)

  6. I love everything in River Island, I want to buy something every time I enter :) such a great store!!



  7. River Island are one of my favourite high street stores, although I tend to love them more in Autumn/Winter than in summer. I do agree that their shoes are amazing!

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