Monday, 29 December 2014

The Top 10 Trends of 2014

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… this may not be the opening of a Charles Dickens’ novel, but such a phrase could never have rang more true in summing up 2014. It seems that this year was one giant rollercoaster of trends and we’ve seen it ALL - from the classic to the crazy – but there are always certain fads that make an imprint and stick with us. I’ve picked out my favourite (and not so favourite) trends that have caused a storm in the fashion-sphere during the past twelve months:

1. Gingham
gingham print fashion
Hands up if you’ve risked looking like you’re sporting a picnic blanket in the name of high fashion and don’t regret a single minute of it.

2. Orange Lipstick

orange lipstick
Tangerine lips were the staple of the SS14 catwalk and I can’t believe I only just began to love the colour last week. SS15 pretty please?

3. Skorts
Is it a skirt or is it a pair of shorts? The truth is no one cares when you look this good in it.

4. Chokers
Chokers came back to haunt us from the nineties and I could not have been more horrified about it. An accessory that looks unnervingly similar to being strangled with barbed wire? No thank you.

5. Coordinates

co-ords ashley roberts bella thorne demi lovato rihanna kim kardashian
The bane of every short girl’s life when a midi skirt is involved, but a saving grace for those too lazy to match two separate halves of an outfit together. (Like me)

6. Green Hair

green hair kylie jenner lena dunham katy perry demi lovato
Kylie had it, Lena had it, Katy had it, Demi had it… So it must be cool, right?

7. Duster Coats
duster coats
You’re clearly not a *real* fashion blogger until you’ve owned one of these. Extra points if it’s pastel coloured. Unfortunately, I’ve never followed this trend and therefore must be revoked of my blogger status immediately. Of course.

8. Birkenstocks (aka Mandals)
birkenstocks mandals
I’m all for ugly shoes but I can’t help but feel we should have left these for all the 40 year old dads to rock. Anyone with me?

9. Man Buns
man buns
We all know at least one male in our lives who’s attempted to pull off this new ‘do. If you don’t, (a) Are you sure it’s not you? (b) Just pretend you’re BFFs with Harry Styles.

10. Blanket Capes
blanket capes
Ever since I saw the emergence of capes at London Fashion Week, I predicted big things for these bad boys and I think they’re definitely here to stay for 2015. They’re warm, cosy, stylish… and are basically as close as we’re ever going to get to dressing up in our duvets.

Are you guilty of wearing any of these trends? Anything you think should be added to the list?


  1. I was pretty much obsessed with the midi skirt this year, I think it's so flattering. Hated the chocker trend though, that should have stayed in the 90's where it wasn't missed!

  2. I couldn't agree more with your choices! The only thing that hasn't tempted me are those choker necklaces. I adore Kylie Jenners hair/lips, man buns and duster coats! x

  3. love the duster coat trend!

    from helen at

  4. I really wanted a duster coat this year so I have to say that was probably my favorite trend of 2014 but I could not hop on that green hair trend it is just not in my color wheel (:

  5. LOVE THIS! I feel the same with those chokers, I found it ridiculous that they where selling for £5 - £10 in places like asos and topshop when you could get them mega cheap on eBay!

    Charlotte from xx

  6. Honestly hate most of these trends haha. Gingham, ew, skorts, mega eww, coords, ew and blanket capes?! Such a waste of money :/ just my personal opinion! one thing I love are chokers though haha, but I have always loved them!! I don't really follow trends anyway I have worn the same style for years! xo
    amber love

  7. i'm the same with orange lipstick, i bought it at the start of summer and only starting wearing it over christmas... it needs to return! great post x


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