Tuesday, 6 January 2015

GratiTuesday #1

thank you gold writing
Get excited because I'm about to announce a new weekly segment here on Lunar Look.... Gratituesday! Inspired by The Wonderlanders, each Tuesday I'll be posting a weekly roundup of the little (and big) things that have made me feel good/positive/grateful etc each day. Over the past 2 years, I've made a conscious habit out of giving thanks to the Universe before I go to sleep each night, so although this is the first time I've documented it on my blog, it isn't actually that new to my life. This will basically just be a nice place where we can all spread positive vibes and express gratitude for everything that we've attracted into our lives, since gratitude will ALWAYS be the open door to abundance. Sound good to you? Let's get started...

Thursday 1st January | 001/365
celebrating birthdays
taking fun Polaroids with friends
hanging up new calendar

Friday 2nd January | 002/365
going to fast food places
having the freedom to eat what you want without caring about weight

Saturday 3rd January | 003/365
first meteor shower of 2015
making balloon animals with family

Sunday 4th January | 004/365
talking to old friends
finishing magazine cover for media coursework

Monday 5th January | 005/365
realising your deadline for that coursework is 3 weeks later than you originally thought
(should feel stupid but am too relieved to care!)

Little Things
wearing lipstick | friends giving you unwanted clothes | new series of fave tv shows | cat cuddles |
  family trips to the supermarket |  nice smelling perfume | classical music

polaroid girls 
fun polaroids friends

What have you got to be thankful for this week?


  1. oh wow i love this idea a great way to cheer yourself up and take a shortcut look back look forward to them


  2. I love these sort of posts, there is always so much to be thankful for :) I am always thankful for the little things, they can make such a difference!


  3. I adore this post! It's so good to remember the good things in life even if they are only small little nuggets of the sweet life. Glad you had a wonderful week! I love the title you have given it!
    Rebecca xxx

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  5. I love this sweet idea! Whether on or off the blog I need to be more thankful of the little things.

    Loving your logo btw!


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