Saturday, 24 January 2015

Hot Hair Sassy Ponytail Review

This is one review that I've been looking forward to posting for a looooong while. This is my first time experimenting with any kind of hair piece/extension and I was certainly not disappointed with the result! Hot Hair are a UK brand that have been creating hair extensions, pieces and wigs for over 15 years and have a vast array of styles, colours and lengths in both human and synthetic hair. So whether you're looking for something serious to cover up hair loss or simply want effortlessly glam hair in a flash, you're guaranteed to find something that suits:
hot hair sassy ponytail extension pink tangle teezerhot hair sassy ponytail extension

The piece I picked was the Sassy Ponytail extension (which definitely lived up to its name!) and is super easy to secure by clipping the comb attachment into the top of your ponytail and wrapping the velcro around the base to ensure a discrete and natural look. It takes about 30 seconds in total and as someone who has never used a bobby pin in her life (yes, seriously) I strongly stand behind the belief that if I can do it, anyone can! A set of instructions on how to care for your piece is also included which is extremely helpful and how I learnt that you should only remove tangles using your fingers or with a Tangle Teezer - NOT by brushing - which is apt since I recently received one for Christmas and absolutely love it. I just realised how irrelevant that was to the review, but I am honestly so desperate to express my new-found love that I just had to throw that in there. Moving swiftly on...

hot hair sassy ponytail extension
hot hair sassy ponytail extension
I was struggling to decide on which colour to get so their lovely team matched me up with the shade 'Chocolate Copper' which I think is pretty damn accurate and also a testament to their amazing observational skills since all I had to do was send them a photo of myself. I didn't curl my hair beforehand (because I'm lazy) but the piece still blended in fairly naturally and would definitely result in an even more flawless finish if you added some curls yourself. Overall, I'm so pleased with the result and will definitely be turning to this piece when I want to up my party hair game without the hours of effort and copious amounts of hairspray! Here's a quick before and after comparison:

What do you think of my Sassy Ponytail?
Have you ever tried a ponytail extension?


  1. I can NEVER find anything to match my hair. I really want one :(

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

  2. I have a Hot Hair pony and it isn't the same colour of my hair I am gutted!! :( This is lovely though! xx

  3. This look amazing and matches your hair perfectly. I struggle to find anything to match my hair, and even though I wear clip in hair extensions daily I struggle to put my hair up with them in. This looks great x

  4. That looks absolutely beautiful on, I love hot hair and hair pieces haha I am obsessed xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. That looks fab, really natural on

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