Sunday, 15 February 2015

Blogging 101 | Using Twitter To Drive Traffic

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Twitter is doubtless my favourite social network and if you're a blogger who's yet to craft their first tweet, you're seriously missing out. The majority of my traffic is derived from promoting my posts via the app and there are plenty of ways it can help in boosting your site's exposure and making yourself known in the blogging community. Whether you're a new-found user or a prolific tweeter, here are my top 7 tips for utilising Twitter to your advantage:

Participate in blogger chats
A great way to network with other bloggers, share insider tips, or simply just to spend some time having a fun chat with those who share a common interest! There's a variety of different-themed chats every evening, so whatever style of blogger you are, there's bound to be something that suits - and the good news is that there's nearly always an opportunity to share your links at the end. A handy list of all the weekly chats can be found here.

Hashtag hashtag hashtag
#fbloggers #bbloggers #lbloggers - there's a hashtag for EVERYTHING and they can work wonders if you use them appropriately. The trick with this one is not to overdo it as, trust me, nobody likes a spammer and you'll likely be either muted or mentally blacklisted by other bloggers if you're found to be clogging a tag up with your self-promo.

Share your posts with blogger RT communities
Similar to hashtagging, a simple way to get your posts to be seen in the community is by tagging accounts such as @FemaleBloggerRT @fashbeautylife @blogginggals etc, who will most likely give you a retweet if they catch it at the right time. This one's also great for if you have a request or an opportunity you'd like to involve other bloggers in.

Include an image
A lot of humans are visual creatures and as much as I'd like to deny it, it's a true fact that your tweet is far more likely to be noticed and clicked on if it contains an image. Try to mix it up a little and include different photos each time if you're promoting the same post more than once.

Make use of the pinned tweet
The amount of users I see without a tweet pinned to the top of their profile page is honestly unbelievable! It's one of my favourite new features of Twitter and a guaranteed way to get a certain post seen, since it's the first thing users will view when they click onto your page. Choose wisely!

One of the most common excuses for bloggers not using Twitter to its full potential is that they 'don't have enough time' to sit and promote their posts all day, which is where scheduling platforms come into the equation. There are plenty of useful sites and apps such as TweetDeck or Hootsuite which allow you to create tweets in advance and schedule them to publish at a time of your choice.

Meaning 'Follow Friday', #FF is a tool used to show appreciation towards your favourite bloggers, or perhaps those which you've newly discovered. It's little more than a nice thing to do at the end of each week but if you're aiming to gain exposure, there's a high chance you can expect one back from those you tagged in the following week. Shhh.

Do you have any Twitter tips of your own? Get sharing them below!


  1. Some great tips! I love all the blogger chats there so much fun!! *Goes and pins a tweet* xx

  2. Great tips! I am starting to get the hang of Twitter now after neglecting it so much! These are an eye opener :)

    Nyaomi x | Miss Wright

  3. I love blogger chats! ;) Another great and helpful post nina!

    x, carina
    Running White Horses | Fashion + Travel

  4. Definitely agree, I am always sad when I can't use twitter to its full potential as its amazing. I always pin my latest posts and do #FF but I find it hard to consistently promote my posts, I need to start scheduling xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  5. Did not even know about the pinned tweets as I usually use twitter on my phone. Thank you for the tip!

  6. Really lovely tips! Twitter is such a great way to generate blog traffic, and I absolutely ADORE blogger chats. The community is so lovely and supportive :) x

    little miss fii || Fii x

  7. Thank for the tips! Helpful to a newbie like me :)


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