Tuesday, 10 February 2015

GratiTuesday #6

snow covered street winter
Isn't is just simply impossible to find a single thing to complain about when there's a gorgeous winter wonderland scene right outside your window? Uhhh, probably not for most people... but for me, there's always been something really awe-inspiring about being able to witness nature do its thang and I simply can't be unhappy whilst the snow flaunts its sublime beauty in our faces. Here's a few of the lovely things I'm expressing gratitude for this week:

Yes, I have just rambled on about it from the starting point of this post, but it's such a rare and beautiful occurrence here that it needs to be acknowledged x 100. There honestly is nothing more calming than watching the flakes softly dance to their own universal rhythm, without a care in the world, whilst you're warm and cosy inside.

Poetry published in anthology
This actually happened a while ago (September 2014) but I only just received the book this week, so hopefully I'll get around to uploading a photo of it onto social media sometime soon! In case you just can't wait and would like to read my poem now, you can click here or listen to my lovely friend, Natalie, perform a recording of it!

Chilling by the fire
The boiler in our house is broken so we currently have no central heating or hot water, which means I freeze my ass off getting dressed each morning and end up huddled on the sofa with a blanket draped around me. However, it's not so bad as we've began to make use of our fireplace for once and it actually feels really authentic and cosy snuggling up to it. It truly makes you realise how warmth and shelter are such basic needs, yet so many humans are deprived of it and we're too busy taking our heated homes for granted to care.

Eating Easter eggs
Ah, there's nothing like defying the system by eating seasonal confectionery at the complete wrong time of the year. Creme eggs are utterly divine but if Cadbury thought I wouldn't notice that they've made them 25% smaller in volume, then they were so unbelievably wrong. But it's chocolate and it tastes good, so enough said.

Metal cutlery
Yes, you did read that correctly and I don't blame you if you're momentarily confused. It's not until you're trying to eat a pot of pasta by stabbing it with some floppy disposable fork made of plastic that you begin to appreciate the beauty and importance of sturdy cutlery. And that, my friend, is why this post is now an official tribute to the undervalued metal fork that is the true backbone of our society. God bless.

What little things in life are you currently thankful for?


  1. Oh wow congrats on the poem that's amazing, and I love Winter I just wish we had at least some snow here rather than enduring the bitter chilly winds haha xxx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  2. It's so nice to take a step back and actually look at things in more detail, stopping for a moment to appreciate them properly - even if it is metal cutlery!

    Lo at Notebook 54 xx


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