Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Met Gala 2015 Red Carpet | HOT or NOT?

Award show season seems so long ago that it's almost like a breath of fresh air to see our favourite stars step out onto the red carpet once again! New York saw the biggest fashion party of the year last night as global style icons everywhere came together to celebrate the theme of 'China: Through The Looking Glass' at the annual Met Gala. While some celebs went all out with the dress-code in an attempt to shock us all, the key trends of the night seemed to be lace, floral and sheer overlays with designers Atalier Versace and Roberto Cavalli being firm faves.

Kendall Jenner in Calvin Klein Collection 
kendall jenner met gala 2015
Kendall Jenner used to be so far down on my radar but lately I keep finding myself falling more in love with her each day. Aside from having a stunning model's face in general, I'm loving how unique this gown is; the colour is absolutely gorgeous and the sneaky peek of side-boob adds the perfect amount of sex appeal. Conclusion: HOT

Joan Smalls in Roberto Cavalli
joan smalls met gala 2015
While I'm not really digging the choker trend, Joan Smalls is another model favourite of mine and she looks absolutely breathtaking in this slinky sheer gown. Conclusion: HOT

Anna Wintour in Chanel
anna wintour met gala 2015
Anna Wintour may be the hypothetical life and soul of the Met Gala (and fashion world in general!) but this look is doing absolutely nothing for me. The gaudy floral print is far too overbearing and the puffy shoulders just give off total 'pageant-contestant-gone-wrong' vibes. Conclusion: NOT

Hailey Baldwin in Topshop
hailey baldwin met gala 2015
I nearly didn't recognise Hailey with her fab new brunette locks! Wearing everyone's trustworthy high-street brand, she showcases her legzzz 4 dayzzz in this cute Topshop number with a slight side split. Conclusion: HOT

Miley Cyrus in Alexander Wang
miley cyrus met gala 2015
Anyone who knows me will be aware that I'm probably quite high up in the rankings for being a #1 'Smiler', but I simply can't compliment this dress. It actually hurts my eyes to look at! Soz Miley. Still love ya, though. Conclusion: NOT
Fei Fei Sun
fei fei sun met gala 2015
This lady takes my vote for best-dressed of the evening - hands down! Everything about her look is classically beautiful; I am head-over-heels in love. Conclusion: HOT

Rihanna in Guo Pei
rihanna met gala 2015
Uhhh, just no. Rihanna tries WAY too hard in my opinion (remember the cake-inspired GRAMMYs dress?) and she genuinely just looks like a giant fluffy chicken. I even overheard someone compare her dress to an omelette! Conclusion: NOT

Cara Delevingne in Stella McCartney
cara delevingne met gala 2015
I admire Cara for her bold choices and from what I saw, she was the only celeb wearing a jumpsuit on the night - which I think is awesome! Rocking her signature smoky eye, let's just be serious - this girl could turn up in a bin bag and still manage to look fierce. Conclusion: HOT

Rita Ora in Tom Ford
Halloween costume party anyone? Enough said. Conclusion: NOT

Caroline Trentini and Karlie Kloss in Atalier Versace
atalier versace met gala 2015
More models have come out to play and they are looking fierce! Both ladies look absolutely gorgeous in black lace and have mastered the one-hand-on-hip stance to perfection. Conclusion: HOT

Zendaya in Fausto Puglisi
zendaya met gala 2015
 I'm on the fence with Zendaya's outfit but I feel like the long trail is just OTT. Conclusion: NOT

Lorde in Calvin Klein Collection
lorde met gala 2015
Lorde dazzles in this stunning blue lace gown. Just look at that beautiful smile! Conclusion: HOT

Grace Coddington
Did her invite get mixed up with a slumber party or something? Deffo getting strong pyjama vibes. Conclusion: NOT

Gigi Hadid in Diane von Furstenberg
gigi hadid met gala 2015
I usually have a huge aversion to celebrities wearing the colour red on the carpet since it clashes like crazy but Gigi manages to pull it off so well that I simply can't criticize it. Conclusion: HOT

Beyonce in Givenchy
beyonce met gala 2015
Does this even qualify as an outfit? I honestly don't understand the hype over Beyonce at all - this ensemble gets a 'no' from me unfortunately. Conclusion: NOT

Adriana Lima in Marc Jacobs
adriana lima met gala 2015
The Brazilian model may be a just-retired Victoria's Secret Angel but she's definitely still got it going on. I'm lusting over her gothic vibes with an elegant falling star burst design. Conclusion: HOT

Who wins your vote for best dressed of the night?


  1. I think some people went a bit too far, Gigi looks amazing though!

    Anika | www.anikamay.co.uk

  2. I think they all look incredible in their own way. Especially Rihanna, she's channeling her inner disney princess.

    Francesca xo // EffStar Beauty // YouTube Channel

  3. Very fun to hear your opinions! I agreed on a lot of them, but I fell in love with Zendaya's and Beyonce's outfits, so those were a hot for me. x

  4. So many gorgeous dresses! Beyonces "dress" was certainly controversial; if anyone else had turned up wearing it they'd have been slated. But y'no what, she has an amazing figure, so why not I guess! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  5. Fei Fei Sun looks stunning! Rihanna, on the other hand....I just can't understand why someone with her gorgeous figure would drown themselves in that :-(

  6. agree with you!


  7. Loved this post SO much :) It was a great read after a busy day at work...

    I think Beyonce looked great in the dress, but to be honest if it wasn't her in it I'm sure the other person would have been called quite a few things by now

    ❤ The Jewel Beauty Blog ❤ || Rhys Giles Salon Experience

    1. So glad you enjoyed it, lovely!

  8. Stars show up in the most gorgeous but also the most ridiculous things at the Met Gala. Kinda fun to see though. Love this run down!

    xx Izzy | http://qthee.com/

  9. i agree with everything, my favorite is the purple one, it's a little bit sheer but it only shows a little bit.

    The Color Palette

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