Monday, 22 June 2015

Is Taylor Swift Pioneering The Next Big Fashion Trend? (Note: It's a weird one...)

Queen of sass, proud mother of two cats and the owner of an impeccable street style wardrobe, it's no secret that Taylor Swift is currently owning the concrete catwalk that is New York. She doesn't have a song called 'Style' for no reason and the best part is that she often steps out in high-street labels that even us commoners can afford - yay! However, sometimes (ok quite a lot recently) Tay has been caught adding a certain bizarre twist to the outfits she wears... we're not sure if it's intentional but it sure has happened a lot. Yep, Taylor Swift is a regular offender of wearing her clothes BACKWARDS. Never noticed it before? See how she's turning it into a trend for yourself here, with all the times Taylor Swift has worn clothing items backwards:

'Style' Music Video
taylor swift style music video dress
'Cause she never goes out of style... true, but designer Christy Dawn Peterson may not agree when Tay rocked her $390 Fitzgerald dress backwards in a music video earlier this year. Although, publicity is publicity and I think she looks beautiful personally!

On Instagram
taylor swift sheep video outfit
When Taylor uploaded a video of her attempting to reason with a flock of sheep, we were all to caught up in the cuteness of it all that most failed to see she appeared to be wearing her Victoria's Secret Knockout Crop Pants backwards. In Tay's defence, maybe she just got dressed in the dark that morning because she seemed to be wearing them correctly just 3 weeks earlier in this Instagram video. (PS. the shirt is from Wildfox if anyone's interested.)

 Out And About
At this point I'm finding it tricky to believe that Taylor does this accidentally. Surely you would realise that the label on your shirt is the wrong way? Perhaps she just really likes "makin' the moves up as she goes." Get Taylor's GUESS shirt in blue here before it sells out.

To A Kicks Game
taylor swift shirt backwards
Ah, the most famous of Swift's wardrobe errors. I love you girl, but you definitely got it wrong this time. Even she admitted her mistake on Tumblr by commenting 'I wore the shirt wrong didn't I. #ShirtsAreHard'. It's ok Tay, we forgive you. Get the look in grey here.

Out With BFF Selena Gomez
taylor swift harness
 When a fan on Tumblr proposed her concern that Taylor was wearing her clothing backwards yet again, Swift was quick to make a joke about always being ready for zip-lining/rock climbing with the slogan 'HARNESS LIFE 2015' and many media websites picked up on it and jumped on the bandwagon of mockery. However, when you read the tags that Taylor used when reblogging the post she clearly says that she isn't actually wearing it backwards and to check 'Free People Dot Com'.
free people harness
...and turns out she did get it right this time. Congrats Tay. We're so proud. Keep doing your thing, girl.

Do you think wearing clothing backwards is a trend that will catch on?


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