Monday, 8 June 2015

W7 Review: Nude Eye & Cheekbone Galore

Summer is officially here and it's time to perfect your bronzed goddess look (I mean... as tanned as a pale gal can get, right?) Online retailer 'Shop for Beauty' were kind enough to send over some W7 products to help me along, so keep reading to see my review and how the final look turned out.

Seventeen Powder & Blush Brush
Seventeen Eyeshadow Brush
W7 In The City Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette*
W7 Get Set Eyeshadow Base - Natural*
W7 Hollywood Bronze & Glow*

w7 get set eye shadow base
I've never used an eye shadow primer before, so this was something I was definitely excited to try out! However, I can't help but feel a little disappointed with this product. I found the colour to be far too dark/orange for my skin tone and I have a huge aversion to tiny pots like this as my long nails make it difficult to actually scoop any product out. It is only £2.49, but I feel like simply using your normal concealer as base will do just as well a job.
w7 in the city eye shadow palette
w7 nude palette
This nude palette comes in 6 shades (excuse the mess - I was just too excited) and although it says 1 is shimmery, they all seem to look rather matte to me. For the bargain that it is, the product does its job perfectly so I can't *really* complain but for the review's sake, I would have preferred it if the far left shade was a tad lighter for highlighting the brow bone with. Although, that grey/black shade is gorgeous for smudging to create that smokey eye look without it being overly harsh.
w7 highlighter bronzer duo
Contouring... an area that many, and I alike, tend to stay away from and leave to the Kardashian pros. The great thing about powder bronzers is that they can be easily built up and applied as necessary depending on your skin tone/preference etc - I learnt this the hard way as I definitely went overboard and ended up looking like I had a really harsh face! I don't really see the point in the tiny mirror at the top as it's far too small to see what you're doing and is likely to gather a load of dust super quickly.

nude eye makeup
how to nude smokey eye
lunar look contouring
lunar look contouring

What do you think of my bronzed look?


  1. I'm really sorry, but it doesn't look like you are wearing any makeup at all!

  2. Lovely natural makeup look! Those eyeshadows look really nice and good for a simple makeup look, I'll have to look into them :) Lovely post.

  3. I like these nice subtle shades. They look good on you.



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