Thursday, 30 July 2015

OOTD | Black, Gold & Khaki

khaki top black jeans sandals
khaki top black jeans sandals
khaki top black jeans sandals
khaki top black jeans sandals
khaki top black jeans sandals
black jeans gold sandals
H&M Sunglasses | New Look Top | Celeb Look Jeans | Everything5pounds Sandals | Vintage Ring

Okay - I am sooo ready for autumn fashion! I feel like I'm already dressing for it with the style of this outfit. I can't wait to wear earthy tones and not be sweating to death in black skinnies (I refuse to give them up even if it is 20 degrees out.) Did I mention that I REALLY love the shade of this top? I've rambled on about my love for the colour green before, but just in case anybody forgot - I'm kinda obsessed.

I was lucky enough to win (yet another) competition so these shoes are courtesy of Everything5pounds! I've been wearing sandals all year round; consequently mine are just a tiny bit worn out, so it was nice to spontaneously receive some shiny new ones. They aren't the comfiest to wear for long periods of time as the metal digs into your skin a little, but for £5 who can really complain? It's not like anybody picks sandals as their choice of footwear when running a marathon or anything.

Anyone who knows me personally will be aware that I absolutely love stereotypically 'ugly' things that everyone else hates and finds weird. Hence I simply could not leave that cute spider ring just sitting there all lonely on the table when I recently visited Lou Lou's Vintage Fair. I can't remember the exact stall it was from though - obvs was too excited about it to notice!

Would you wear this outfit? Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Why I'm Backing Cara Delevingne's 'Moody' Attitude In THAT Awkward Interview

You see 'rudeness', I see vapid interviewers and sassy British sarcasm that simply gets lost on the American brain.
cara delevingne awkward good day sacramento interview
In case you've been living under a rock, Cara Delevingne's latest interview promoting her role in the upcoming movie 'Paper Towns' went viral today - but not for the reason that most of you would think. A stark contrast from the exuberant model-turned-actress that we saw a couple weeks ago as she unleashed her beat-boxing skills on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, Delevingne's energy level was a little low as she appeared via video chat on 'Good Day Sacramento'. There's no denying that. However, while many (*cough* Americans) are brandishing this as 'rudeness' and her being 'moody', I beg to differ. British humour often gets lost in translation in the US and while Cara did provide some dry and sarcastic responses, the questions asked were so unbelievably dull (and some completely moronic) that they honestly weren't worth an exciting answer. The interview started off on the wrong foot and only went downhill from there. Have a watch for yourselves below before I give my detailed opinion of it:

Now you've had a chance to form your own opinion, here's why I'm #TeamCara:

1. Tip #1 - get the name of the person you're interviewing right. Cara seems pretty uncomfortable from the beginning of the interview and that was probably made worse when the anchor couldn't even get her name right when it's written in front of her - introducing her as 'Carla'. Sure, that doesn't sound like a big deal , but it makes me suspicious that there was a little bit of discomfort between her and Cara before the interview even began. I'm just speculating, but I feel like something may have happened off-camera or in the past that we're not aware of which caused a bit of bad blood.

2. Asking an actress if they've read the book of a movie they're starring in is unbelievably condescending and just plain ridiculous. It's no wonder that Cara felt she needed to give a sarcastic answer to spice up things - of course she's bloody read it!!! To follow it up with 'do you even have time to sit and read?' may seem like a light-hearted thing to say because, yes, she is unbelievably busy, however I'm sure she's not TOO busy that she can't read the script and learn her lines. The interviewer may have meant well, but this entire question was pretty unnecessary and seemed to be a dig at Cara's intelligence. She would have been better off asking something like 'How was it getting to work with John Green?' instead and Cara would have gone into how much she loves his books.

3. Oh look, another dumb question. I don't even understand this one - how would it be easier to focus when you're busy and harder when you have 'downtime'? Props to Cara for managing to answer this so well because I would be stuck for words at the absurdity of it.

4. Why are these interviewers only asking closed questions and never bothering to elaborate more on Cara's responses? I think Cara's sarcasm is funny and she's been nothing but pleasant at this point. Sure she's not an over-the-top American, but that's not how Brits roll. She's actually being extremely polite and reserved compared to how a lot of other Brits would react by now.

5. After three extremely vapid questions, the third presenter decides to jump in at this point. But only to tell Cara that she doesn't seem to be as excited about the movie as she was in London, and to ask if she's exhausted. Like... uh, SUPER rude. This has nothing to do with the film and is just really unprofessional. Can you imagine how offended you would be if a stranger commented that you looked exhausted? Cara is a human being too and even if you think she seems tired, there's no need to point it out. Just try your best to finish the questions and get the best out of her - don't tear her down. PS. she is excited about the movie, she just isn't excited at the thought of putting on that super annoying faux excitement that Americans are too full of.

6. After Cara denies her lack of excitement and explains that the premiere was just last night, this was the cue for the interviewers to let it go and move on. However, instead the woman thinks it's a good idea to continue the subject and jump in with 'Yeah, you do seem irritated. Maybe it's just us'. Like, yes... she's just said she's fine. Now you really are beginning to irritate not only her, but the audience. Just. drop. it. PLEASE.

7. Nope. They are so adamant on wanting Cara to say she's moody. Clearly not impressed that she still didn't agree with them, the anchors cut the interview short with 'On that note (...) we'll let you go take a nap and a red bull' - a rude remark which completely dismisses Cara's feelings and just assumes that she's lying. When someone says that they're fine, don't decide that you know better and order them to go sleep. We came here to watch an interesting interview, not listen to a petty argument you've started for no reason.

8. Even after the interview has finished, they still have the audacity to continue publicly talking about her. It's just so unprofessional and makes them look even worse. Leave it for when you're off-camera to gossip and be rude about someone.

Overall, I don't feel like Cara was being rude at all. She was simply using British sarcasm as a response to the incredibly vapid yes-or-no questions the anchors were asking. Sure she wasn't overflowing with energy, but we have no idea how she was feeling or what had happened off-camera. She was probably a little tired from the premiere the night before, but I don't feel like she was being disrespectful in any way - unlike the extremely rude and unprofessional interviewers who were out of line. I've seen celebrities act far worse and as someone working in that business, you should be prepared to deal with them and be focused on getting the most out of the interview for your audience, not wasting time pointing out flaws in your interviewee.

I've seen the way Cara acts to her fans and I know she's incredibly sweet and goes out of her way to do things for them, such as inviting them back to her hotel room and interacting with them on social media. She's fun, quirky and doesn't care about embarrassing herself if it's to help someone out. I honestly don't think her using a bit of sarcasm in a boring interview can change any of that.

What do you think of this interview? Moody celeb or unprofessional anchors?

Monday, 27 July 2015

57 Things To Do When You're Bored This Summer

The first week of summer has officially passed and students all around the country (and world) are already starting to complain that they're bored. I have no plans this holiday besides my birthday and A level results day (which just happens to be on the same date!) but luckily I'm the kind of person who finds 'doing nothing' to be enjoyable. I am perfectly content in the moment without needing to 'do' different activities constantly. However, not everyone is like me - so I've compiled a handy list of 57 things to get involved in when you need to cure the boredom:
summer book wih fluffy ginger cat
1. Go to the beach 
2. Paint your nails
3. Read a book 
4. Go to the cinema
5. Tidy your room
6. Go to a car boot sale
7. Get a haircut
8. Go shopping 
9. Swap clothes with friends
10. Bake treats 
11. Go for a walk 
12. Make smoothies 
13. Pick up a new hobby
14. Have a blogathon
15. Play The Sims 
16. Start a conversation with someone new
17. Go on a bike ride
18. Spend a day exploring a city you’ve never been to
19. Write poetry 
20. Sit still and meditate 
21. Give yourself a makeover 
22. Enter competitions/giveaways
23. Listen to music channels 
24. Comment on every new post on your Bloglovin feed
25. Relax in the garden
26. Check/reply to your emails
27. Hop on a bus and people watch 
28. Have a barbecue 
29. Find an ice cream van
30. Clean your makeup brushes
31. Catch up on your favourite TV series
32. Have a bath 
33. Send a nice tweet to 5 people on your timeline 
34. Play a board/card game 
35. Watch an inspiring speech on YouTube
36. Organise your outfits for the week
37. Participate in a blogger chat
38. Take random photographs
39. Go to the library and check out a book at random 
40. Go fruit picking 
41. Clear out your phone’s camera roll
42. Go crabbing 
43. Write a heartfelt letter to someone but don’t send it
44. Read a Shakespeare play
45. Learn a new language
46. Explore on Google Maps
47. Write a Christmas/birthday wishlist 
48. Participate in the 30 days of yoga challenge
49. Learn new words on
50. Wash your car
51. Redesign your blog layout
52. Go roller-skating
53. Put on a face mask
54. Paint something
55. Do a crossword
56. Watch a show at the theatre
57. Study ahead for the upcoming term

What exciting things are you getting up to this summer?

Friday, 24 July 2015

OOTD | Ashanti Brazil Floral Playsuit

As our lovely British weather has decided to be the epitome of misery, today's outfit posts had to be taken indoors which I'm aware is a bit of a let-down compared to OOTDs shot outside on the street considering the bad lighting etcetera  - but at least it's a bit different than usual, right?lunar look ashanti brazil navy floral playsuit
Playsuit - Ashanti Brazil* | Shoes - Steve Madden | Lipstick - Collection (Shade: Sweet Tart)

This navy floral playsuit is courtesy of Ashanti Brazil as I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of the winners in their fashion blogger competition last week! I also happened to win, I think, 3 other giveaways on the same day which was super exciting! I am a prolific winner, I must admit, but I've never been on a roll quite like that before.

I didn't realise quite how low the slit was (or rather how flat as a pancake I am) until I tried the playsuit on and found out you probably need a Kim K sized cleavage to give the outfit the justice it truly deserves. And frankly, I just don't think I cut it. It's a gorgeous playsuit, don't get me wrong - I just don't think I have the best body suited for it.

However, I do absolutely adore the lace trim around the shorts and definitely think it would be perfect to take on a tropical getaway to some paradisical island. It's nice to see summery clothes that aren't in the typical orange/pink/yellow hues.

Here's to hoping this isn't the end of our summer heat....!

Would you wear a playsuit like mine?

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Social Media Vs. Reality | The Truth Behind The Instagram Filter

"Stop comparing your behind-the-scenes with everyone else's highlight reel" - an adage that is now thrown around like it's going out of fashion yet many people still aren't truly understanding the depth of it, at least that's how it seems from my experience. The truth is, the lives that we post on our social media aren't accurate reflections of our day-to-day lives at all. They're constructions that are encoded with subliminal messages which our audience decodes - whether that be consciously or not.

The reason I'm writing this post is because I don't consider myself as a person who particularly 'glamorises' online-me in any way. I don't wear make-up, I don't use Photoshop and I don't really fuss over how my photos on social media portray me. However, I've come to realise that there are still little things that even I do, without fully realising, which significantly alter the way my life is portrayed and can conjure up assumptions in my readers' minds that aren't entirely true. Tiny things like adding filters, taking photos from your best angles, utilising the lighting and cropping images can improve your images greatly. Don't get me wrong, editing images isn't a bad thing - but this post is to remind you all that nothing is what it seems when it comes to social media. Comparison will always be the thief of joy and it's just really futile to do so when it's so easy in this day and age to manipulate the way we present ourselves online. Which is exactly why I'm exposing the truth behind the Instagram filter.

Each one of these pairs of photos was taken within minutes (sometimes seconds) of each other. The image on the left is what I saw; the image on the right is what you got to see.

1. Public transport
lunar look social media vs reality
*We're having so much fun and the sun isn't burning our eyes and making us sweat and there definitely isn't another passenger being really annoying -  no, not at all*

2. Meeting celebrities
james arthur bournemouth meet and greet
Can't beat the good old flash and crop to make any experience seem 10x better.

3. Hair
I honestly have no idea how I made my hair seem so glossy and amazing in the second photo but so vile in the one my friend took. (Disclaimer: her words on the caption, not mine!)

4. Getting your make-up done
lunar look social media vs reality makeup
Laughing through the tears because 1. The mascara is making your eyes water and 2. You're hella scared he's making you look ugly

5. Beauty pageants
The photos speak for themselves don't they?

6. Selfies
Snapchat flipped the 2nd photo around so all I've done is just given you the good side of my face and added a filter.

7. Selfies (2nd edition)
Same story, different day.

8. Concerts
taylor swift bst hyde park 1989 tour london
When you're in a crowd of 65,000 people at Hyde Park, you can expect to see a few backs of  heads. That doesn't mean you've gotta let your followers know that too, though.

9. OOTDs
Co-ords just look so much better when your belly button isn't showing. (Oh and with your eyes open)

10. Selfies (final edition)
God bless the half-face selfie and black and white filters.

I hope this piece has helped anyone who can't help but compare their life to others' misleading Instagram posts, or at least made you think about the way we construct the images we post on social media. X


Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer 2015 Playlist

It's very rare that I'll listen to a song more than once unless it has 'Taylor Swift' in the credits, but recently there have been a few songs that have caught my eye (or ears, should I say?). So much that I thought it'd be a cool idea to share them with you! I am fully aware that my music taste stems straight from the charts, but why is that so frowned upon? It sounds great in my opinion and hopefully you'll be inspired too. No music snobbery here... X

What's on your playlist this summer?

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Guest Post | Michael Kors Travel Tote Review

Last year I bought my first 'designer' handbag and being a typical blogger cliché I bought a Michael Kors bag. I was lucky enough to be on a Royal Caribbean cruise last year (hence the sea/cabin balcony photos) and on board the ship they had a Michael Kors store - a blogger's dream! It took me at least a week to decide which one I wanted and in the end I opted for the Michael Kors Small Travel Tote in Aqua which is part of the Jet Set Travel range and at sightly eye watering $228, it is an investment. 
I chose this colour specifically as it is so unique and in my opinion it isn't an aqua shade even though it looks it in the photos and sometimes online - it is much more of a deep emerald green shade. The leather is so smooth and soft and it feels a little flexible - although I think it will be very durable - but the leaflet that came with the bag states that exposure to water, oil or makeup can stain tanned leather, so you do need to be careful!

Even though the bag is classed as 'small' it isn't tiny and it's more than big enough for everything I would want to carry around. I love the silver hardware against the emerald green and the little details such as the Michael Kors logo, buckle details and even the lining of the one zipped inside pocket has his logo stitched on to it.

I have to admit after buying it on holiday, I have only had it out in the house - I know I will spill something on it or in the lovely rainy city of Manchester, it will get wet! I'm going to York at the end of July so hopefully I will give it an outing!

(Words and images by Heather)

If you fancy writing for Lunar Look, please get in touch on Twitter!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Why Positive Self-Talk Is Important And How To Make It Become Second Nature

It’s official. Self-love has become a crime. Socially, that is, but who knows? Maybe, from the way we’re heading, people will be getting locked up in prison for it sooner than we think. 
That may seem a dramatic declaration, but I genuinely don’t think people are fully aware of how commonplace negative self-talk has become, to the point where someone actually admitting they love themselves in today’s society is met with utter shock-horror.

Just have a little think about it: how many times have you denied a compliment about yourself instead of simply saying ‘thank you’? When was the last time you introduced something you’d created by saying ‘I know it’s rubbish, but…’ or started a question with ‘It probably sounds stupid, but…’? What about the amount of times we apologise for silly things that don’t need an apology? Like expressing an unpopular (aka original) opinion, or when the beginning of somebody else’s sentence happens to interrupt the middle of yours. (Like, seriously though.)

Even if you can’t remember doing any of those consciously, I think we can all agree that there is, or at least has been, a part of us which is scared to openly express love for ourselves. Whether it be in fear of being called ‘vain’, ‘stuck up’, ‘selfish’ or simply through a lack of confidence, it’s just a no-go in society’s eyes. You know, how you dare actually live happily and freely in your own body filled with thoughts of love, appreciation and compassion for all things. The audacity of contentment with oneself, right? Uh, WRONG.

This has to stop. Now.

Do I love myself? YES.
If I could be anyone in this world, who would I be? MYSELF.
No but really, if you could magically change anything about yourself what would it be? NOTHING.

This post is written for all of you lovely humans who are unable to respond with the same answers as me yet. 

Friday, 17 July 2015

ESPY Awards 2015 Red Carpet | HOT or NOT?

I'd be lying if I said I didn't get a little bit overexcited every time I hear of an award show happening, just so I can write these fun blog posts and basically pretend I'm the fashion police! Yay. Now I will admit, I had never heard of the ESPYs before until I saw Caitlyn Jenner's inspiring speech go viral on Twitter. So for those of you who don't know, it's essentially a night to celebrate both individual and team athletic achievement - but since I couldn't care less about sports, I'm just here for the fashion and to see all the talented sports stars get glammed up for a change.

Kendall Jenner in Alexandre Vauthier
kendall jenner 2015 espys
Kendall's model figure looks insane in this whimsical floaty dress! #goals. Verdict: HOT

Kylie Jenner in Shady Zeineldine
kylie jenner 2015 espys
Ehh, the other Jenner sister - not so great. It's easy to forget this girl is only 17 years old when dresses like this just age her dramatically. Verdict: NOT

Amy Purdy
amy purdy espys 2015
This amazing sequin ensemble takes me right back to seeing Taylor Swift's 1989 World Tour last month! I'm pretty sure she has a costume almost identical to it. Verdict: HOT

Thursday, 16 July 2015

The Denim Edit

You know how each month has a certain fashion trend associated with it in your mind? (Wait, that's just me?) Well, I may be alone on this one, but July just screams 'denim' in my crazy brain for some reason. It's such a versatile material that can be styled in so many ways, so whether it's in the form of a chic playsuit, a casual shirt, or classic jeans - here are my top denim picks that I believe deserve a place in every girl's summer wardrobe:
Denim Blue Ribbed Maxi Dress River Island £35.00
Denim Espadrilles Zara £29.99
Acid Wash Denim Peep Shoulder Dress Select £14.99
V Neck Patch Pocket Tunic Dress New Look £19.99
Dawn Denim Tunic Dress Select £14.99
Denim Dress H&M £24.99
Navy Ripped Skinny Jeans New Look £24.99
High Waist Sculpting Jeggings River Island £42.00
Denim Roll Sleeve Playsuit New Look £22.99
MOTO Clean-Cut Denim Mini Skirt Topshop £26.00
High Waisted Short in Stripe Black and White Motel £35.00
Button Front Skirt Topshop £25.00
Denim Over Shirt Zara £39.99
MOTO Oversized Striped Shirt Topshop £26.00

Which of my denim picks is your fave?

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Nina Reads Glamour Mag | August 2015

Ok, I need to admit something. I totally took inspiration for this style of post from Becky Bedbug's fab blog series, 'Becky Reads Company', and I hope she doesn't sue me for it (!) but I was just such a big fan and as someone who constantly loves to analyse EVERYTHING, I thought it'd be interesting to take a shot at sharing the inner thoughts I experience while reading the magazine I pick up each month - Glamour.  
glamour magazine uk august 2015

glamour magazine august 2015 bisexuality
After the recent uproar over Vogue's treatment of Cara Delevingne's 'coming out' in their published interview, ignorantly dismissing her bisexuality as 'just a phase', it's nice to see a mainstream magazine actually using their platform to educate for once. However someone chooses to label their sexuality, or even if they decide not to identify at all, everybody at least deserves to be respected and not brutally interrogated about how they 'don't really know who they are'. (Trust me, they do.)
glamour magazine august 2015 sorry not sorry
My reaction when reading this: YASSSSSS. The truth is... we live in a society where people say sorry way too much for things they don't need to and not entirely enough over the important things that truly deserve an apology. Saying sorry IS important - but only when you mean it. Save the apologies for when they're heartfelt and sincere, not for when some complete goon accidentally steps on YOUR foot.
glamour magazine august 2015 insta-pet quiz
Quizzes are my absolute fave thing! And I'm totes proud to say that I aced this one.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

OOTD | Monochrome Stripes

lunar look monochrome stripe two piece
lunar look monochrome stripe two piece
misspap georgia black white stripe two piece
lunar look sunglasses red lipstick
lunar look monochrome co-ord
H&M Sunglasses | MISSPAP Georgia Crop Top | MISSPAP Georgia Shorts | Primark Shoes

Note to self: don't shoot outfits immediately after getting them out of the packaging because you will find yourself in a serious situation of crease marks galore. 

Despite this, I feel like I'm channelling my inner Taylor Swift (AKA goddess) today and if I wasn't fully aware of my English surroundings, I could definitely envision myself strutting down the streets of New York with a cat in tow and paparazzi trailing behind. I've spoken about my love of co-ordinates before but I think the cause of my deep admiration lies heavily in the fact that you don't have to bother with the fuss of styling top and bottom pieces together, making them top on my list of summer fashion essentials and a perfect choice for this week's heat wave.

What do you think of today's look?

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Slow Down... 5 Daily Steps To Mindfulness

meditating on rock by sea
“You are a human being, not a human doing.”

I’ve done a lot of observing (ok, people-watching) in my life, and one massive thing that always intrigues me is mankind’s heavily-constructed perception of ‘time’. Or more notably, how so many view it as being something that’s elusive and fleeting, like there’s never quite enough of it. Sounds crazy to me, but it is a common misconception. So heavily ingrained that the majority of humans live with the constant fear that ‘time’ – something that doesn’t even concretely exist - will slip out of their hands if they’re not careful enough. They are constantly rushing around from one task to the next, ticking off goals on a check-list in an attempt to get to some ‘final destination’, always looking to move on to the next big thing before they have truly taken in the bliss of what we call the ‘NOW’. To put it plainly, they are simply never satisfied.

If you’re someone who’s reading this and thinking ‘nope, I genuinely live in every moment’, then great. If you’re someone who’s saying that but really lying to yourself, then not-so-great. It’s okay to admit that you’ve been tricked by the illusion of time. In fact, it’s completely necessary to be honest with yourself in order to progress. The truth is that most of us humans have been caught in this trap; it’s all we’ve been taught thus all we’ve ever known. In a world that sometimes feels like it spins too fast and burns too bright, it can be difficult, and even scary, to slow down and entirely put your trust into the present moment, feeling completely grateful and at ease with where you are whilst also being eager for more. (This is what we refer to as the optimal vantage point for creation.)

In fact, I don’t think it’s until we find ourselves in situations such as sitting in a dentist’s waiting room without a phone or anything to do, that we even realise how little we are truly aware in each moment. When you find yourself with no distractions, nothing to absent-mindedly fiddle with, no background noise - how many of you begin to get restless and search for something to do? I think I already know the answer. Many of us have gotten to this point where our lives ARE simply ‘waiting rooms’; we spend all week waiting for Friday and all year waiting for summer with the misguided mind-set that happiness is something that comes as an end-result AFTER we have completed ‘X’ tasks. Well I’m here to tell you that whoever told you that, is wrong. It’s all backwards. When you chase things, they run away. You have to attract them. Feel good NOW and watch the joy manifest itself into your experience and unfold in front of you. Forget the concept of time – past and future – the only moment that exists is NOW. Live in it. Feel joyful. Be.

Now that you’re beginning to see the vital importance of mindfulness, here are a few important bites of knowledge to refresh your understanding, and some steps you can take to ensure you’re moving forwards:

1. The joy is in the journey
This maxim is thrown around like it’s going out of fashion, but few truly understand the piece of golden knowledge encapsulated within the proverb. “You can’t have a happy ending to an unhappy journey.” When you feel joyful and content in this present moment you have no need nor desire to even begin worrying about what your destination will be like, because your choice to head down a path of bliss and well-being means that the universe has no other option but to keep responding to the positive vibration you are offering.

2. Be still and alone
You don’t realise how incompetent humans are at simply sitting still and existing until you’re sat in a yoga class with a bunch of people who can’t even hold the Lotus position for more than 30 seconds. The need for constant stimulation is a human coping mechanism utilised to distract ourselves from the solitudinous nature of our existence. You are a human being, not a human doing; it’s incredible how many people have forgotten to do just that.

3. Become aware of your breathing
Yes, there is an important reason why this plays such a huge part in meditation. Focusing on your breathing not only helps you to relax, but it also forces you to be aware of yourself and the life that you hold at this very moment in time. Respiration is nothing but a transfer of energy – inhale the vibes you do want and exhale all that no longer serves you. When you steer every aspect of your attention to such an intricate body process, the mind has no option but to let go of all other worries that no longer exist as you are mindful.

4. Silence
Ah, the sheer beauty of it. I can’t think of any other song of the universe I’d rather listen to. Shut off that background noise and focus on creating peace from within, not from without. Silence speaks volumes when you open your ears to it.

5. Run the day (before it runs you)
If only instead of immediately checking your phone as you wake up each morning, we would all take a moment to mentally list 10 things we’re thankful for, stay quiet for 5 minutes and send love to 3 people who are bothering us – our lives would be forever changed.