Monday, 27 July 2015

57 Things To Do When You're Bored This Summer

The first week of summer has officially passed and students all around the country (and world) are already starting to complain that they're bored. I have no plans this holiday besides my birthday and A level results day (which just happens to be on the same date!) but luckily I'm the kind of person who finds 'doing nothing' to be enjoyable. I am perfectly content in the moment without needing to 'do' different activities constantly. However, not everyone is like me - so I've compiled a handy list of 57 things to get involved in when you need to cure the boredom:
summer book wih fluffy ginger cat
1. Go to the beach 
2. Paint your nails
3. Read a book 
4. Go to the cinema
5. Tidy your room
6. Go to a car boot sale
7. Get a haircut
8. Go shopping 
9. Swap clothes with friends
10. Bake treats 
11. Go for a walk 
12. Make smoothies 
13. Pick up a new hobby
14. Have a blogathon
15. Play The Sims 
16. Start a conversation with someone new
17. Go on a bike ride
18. Spend a day exploring a city you’ve never been to
19. Write poetry 
20. Sit still and meditate 
21. Give yourself a makeover 
22. Enter competitions/giveaways
23. Listen to music channels 
24. Comment on every new post on your Bloglovin feed
25. Relax in the garden
26. Check/reply to your emails
27. Hop on a bus and people watch 
28. Have a barbecue 
29. Find an ice cream van
30. Clean your makeup brushes
31. Catch up on your favourite TV series
32. Have a bath 
33. Send a nice tweet to 5 people on your timeline 
34. Play a board/card game 
35. Watch an inspiring speech on YouTube
36. Organise your outfits for the week
37. Participate in a blogger chat
38. Take random photographs
39. Go to the library and check out a book at random 
40. Go fruit picking 
41. Clear out your phone’s camera roll
42. Go crabbing 
43. Write a heartfelt letter to someone but don’t send it
44. Read a Shakespeare play
45. Learn a new language
46. Explore on Google Maps
47. Write a Christmas/birthday wishlist 
48. Participate in the 30 days of yoga challenge
49. Learn new words on
50. Wash your car
51. Redesign your blog layout
52. Go roller-skating
53. Put on a face mask
54. Paint something
55. Do a crossword
56. Watch a show at the theatre
57. Study ahead for the upcoming term

What exciting things are you getting up to this summer?


  1. Great post! I will definitely be doing some Sims playing and hopefully getting back into yoga :)

    Bethan Likes

  2. loved this!

  3. Lovely post, Nina! Definitely going to be trying some of these out towards the middle of August. Love the idea of meditating. Looking forward to your next post. xx

  4. Cool ideas! I've been reading books and blogging like mad, but since I'm older I don't actually have a summer to have off, ha ha!

    Raindrops of Sapphire

  5. I am just the same as you are - quite content with doing nothing. My Mum keeps trying to get me out to do things to 'stop me being bored' because she doesn't understand that I'm actually not bored at all, I'm perfectly happy sat doing my scrapbook and watching netflix!
    A lovely little list though :) xx

    Laura | elelibee


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