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Nina Reads Glamour Mag | August 2015

Ok, I need to admit something. I totally took inspiration for this style of post from Becky Bedbug's fab blog series, 'Becky Reads Company', and I hope she doesn't sue me for it (!) but I was just such a big fan and as someone who constantly loves to analyse EVERYTHING, I thought it'd be interesting to take a shot at sharing the inner thoughts I experience while reading the magazine I pick up each month - Glamour.  
glamour magazine uk august 2015

glamour magazine august 2015 bisexuality
After the recent uproar over Vogue's treatment of Cara Delevingne's 'coming out' in their published interview, ignorantly dismissing her bisexuality as 'just a phase', it's nice to see a mainstream magazine actually using their platform to educate for once. However someone chooses to label their sexuality, or even if they decide not to identify at all, everybody at least deserves to be respected and not brutally interrogated about how they 'don't really know who they are'. (Trust me, they do.)
glamour magazine august 2015 sorry not sorry
My reaction when reading this: YASSSSSS. The truth is... we live in a society where people say sorry way too much for things they don't need to and not entirely enough over the important things that truly deserve an apology. Saying sorry IS important - but only when you mean it. Save the apologies for when they're heartfelt and sincere, not for when some complete goon accidentally steps on YOUR foot.
glamour magazine august 2015 insta-pet quiz
Quizzes are my absolute fave thing! And I'm totes proud to say that I aced this one.
glamour magazine august 2015 glamour awards
Errrrr - last time I checked 11.10pm came before 11.55pm? That might not seem like a huge game-changer, but the little things do matter and contribute greatly to the overall quality of your magazine. Proof-reading is ALWAYS of the essence.
I'm going to get blasted for saying this but I can't stand melodramatic sob stories like the above. It's FOUR pages long and already lost me at the headline. #SorryNotSorry

glamour magazine august 2015 dawn o'porter dos and don'ts
Is there anything more ugly than ingratitude and an inflated sense of self-worth? I think not. #1 rule: NEVER complain about fans attempting to show their love for you. Sure, it may be a little irritating but at the end of the day you should be thankful that there are people out there who value your existence so much that noticing them would clearly make their day. 'Cause quite frankly I didn't have a bloody clue what Dawn O'Porter has contributed to the world before reading her column and I'm still not quite sure now.
glamour magazine august 2015 we broke up over
I read this feature so you didn't have to. Summary: silly 20-somethings breaking up with their partners over the most pathetic and self-absorbed reasons. Vanity splattered all over a page, I call it.
Now I'm no Photoshop expert, but Glamour can do better than this SURELY?! The composition feels so awkward and uncomfortable to look at. Why is there only one 'don't' that's so much smaller than the others and accompanied by loads of white space? Why???

Ahhh that was fun! See you soon when I'll be pulling apart the September 2015 issue - same time, same place.
PS. All opinions are my own but 100% credit to Becky for the concept!

What are your thoughts on this month's Glamour issue? 

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