Thursday, 30 July 2015

OOTD | Black, Gold & Khaki

khaki top black jeans sandals
khaki top black jeans sandals
khaki top black jeans sandals
khaki top black jeans sandals
khaki top black jeans sandals
black jeans gold sandals
H&M Sunglasses | New Look Top | Celeb Look Jeans | Everything5pounds Sandals | Vintage Ring

Okay - I am sooo ready for autumn fashion! I feel like I'm already dressing for it with the style of this outfit. I can't wait to wear earthy tones and not be sweating to death in black skinnies (I refuse to give them up even if it is 20 degrees out.) Did I mention that I REALLY love the shade of this top? I've rambled on about my love for the colour green before, but just in case anybody forgot - I'm kinda obsessed.

I was lucky enough to win (yet another) competition so these shoes are courtesy of Everything5pounds! I've been wearing sandals all year round; consequently mine are just a tiny bit worn out, so it was nice to spontaneously receive some shiny new ones. They aren't the comfiest to wear for long periods of time as the metal digs into your skin a little, but for £5 who can really complain? It's not like anybody picks sandals as their choice of footwear when running a marathon or anything.

Anyone who knows me personally will be aware that I absolutely love stereotypically 'ugly' things that everyone else hates and finds weird. Hence I simply could not leave that cute spider ring just sitting there all lonely on the table when I recently visited Lou Lou's Vintage Fair. I can't remember the exact stall it was from though - obvs was too excited about it to notice!

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