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Four Things I Hate About Bloggers Attending London Fashion Week

Don't get me wrong - I adore London Fashion Week. That's why I included it in my 16 Things I Love About Autumn post. But as we approach the halfway point of the SS16 shows, there are a few things I have to voice and just can't hold back any more about what LFW has become - at least, in my experience as part of the bloggersphere.
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1. The No Smiling Rule
I can't bear looking through Instagram or watching livestreams of shows and seeing everyone in the audience sat there looking absolutely miserable. Even on the social media of bloggers attending LFW, they still seem to have this constant irritated expression on like it's illegal to look as if you're having even an ounce of fun. I get it - it's such a tough life running around the city, sitting in the frow amongst celebs and having so much responsibility and all that, right? Being the mysterious It Girl who's above smiling isn't cool, it's lame and boring.

2. The Sycophancy
When was the last time you read a blogger's post on a collection which wasn't them praising it and declaring it as pure genius? Maybe I'm following the wrong people, but everyone I see just blindly goes on about how amazing every single designer's collection is without ever actually forming their own opinion. Yes, some of the collections are pretty damn divine, but I don't think anyone could deny that there isn't a striking amount of arse-licking on the behalf of bloggers. It seems to me like every blogger attending a show seems to take on the role of their PR girl for about two weeks afterwards. Take for instance - today's Topshop Unique show. I thought the ghastly polka-dot prints at the beginning were horrendous but it got better as the show went on and by the finale I had to admit that the collection was actually pretty good. If I was writing a review of the show, I would make sure to mention both the positive and negative parts about it. However, it seems to me that when bloggers who actually attend the show in person write reviews, they just state facts about it and only talk about how they hashtag LOVE everything. A lot of people will read this and think 'Oh, you obvs just don't understand fashion' but I really don't think that's the case. I do think fashion is about expression and often find beauty in the 'ugliest' things that everyone else dislikes, but I also have this thing called a free-thinking mind which forms its own opinions. What have bloggers become if they just mindlessly praise everything they get invited to see because they want to seem like they're fashionable?

3. The Sense of Entitlement
The casual tweet about popping down to see a show... the subtle snap of an invitation... 'oh, look what randomly arrived!' - all of these things done by bloggers seem to come with an air of arrogance. Like by being invited to London Fashion Week they've achieved maximum street cred and don't want to ruin their new-found status by seeming excited about anything. Way too many bloggers simply expect to be invited and therefore don't seem to be grateful for the opportunity, which is kinda rude in my opinion. Not just in general, but especially to the designers themselves.

4. The Desperation
Throw on the loudest, most extravagant clothing you own and get yourself down to Somerset House in some sky-high heels and an ugly hat. Why? Because you HAVE to be snapped by street-style photographers who will look at your outfit and see how amazingly creative and deep you are, right? (Side note: most of the bloggers who do this don't even have tickets to any shows!) It's just so desperate. And I don't mean that in a way like I think I'm superior. It's more like I can't understand why bloggers degrade themselves to such a shallow level and act like complete idiots just for their five minutes of fame. Please, do yourself a favour and just stay at home. You're better than this.

And that, my friends, is why I will probably never be invited to London Fashion Week in this lifetime. Despite what I've said, I would like to go. I enjoy seeing the collections and I think British fashion is something we should be really proud of. I just can't stand how shallow and superficial the entire farce is. If I went as a blogger, I would voice my own opinions and not conform to the way designers want you to suck up to them. I just can't deal with all the pretence of the fashion industry. For that reason, I can't see myself sat on the frow any time soon. Although if anyone agrees with what I've said, I'd be very willing to start a revolution for us non-conforming bloggers, with strong opinions, who don't change for other people to attend LFW...!

What do you think of bloggers attending LFW? 
Let me know if you have anything to add to this list! 


  1. I agree with the opinion forming and the peacocking ("technical" term for the dressing-up and strutting) - because god the Topshop collection today was NOT my style at all, other than the odd jacket and one skirt? But the rest of it isn't really an 'oh look what just popped in'. Admittedly there is a blogger contingent that *does* do that, but most of those that do get invited, get invited because of hard graft behind the scenes. As in, you don't just get invited. You have to really, really sell yourself to PR people to have them consider you, or jump through all the BFC hoops to get accredited - and even then accreditation is not guaranteed for the next season. And those that do just happen to get the invites through their letter boxes are known, respected, and have been through their baby-blogger phase.

    Yes fashion week comes with an incredible amount of fakery, a massive set of double standards, and I do want things to change so it's more a celebration of british fashion as a whole, but I also think a lot of people don't realise the work that goes in behind the scenes just to get that one break from a PR team. Swings and roundabouts really.

    Fii | little miss fii

    1. Together, you and Nina have summed up my thoughts on fashion week perfectly! I think there's a lot of good AND bad to be found in it, but those bloggers who've worked really hard to be there and make the most of it really deserve it I think :) Just a shame that all that fakery on the surface makes it so cringeworthy. Wish they hadn't moved from Somerset house though, it's right next to my campus! x

      Martha Jane |

  2. Totally agree about everyone being miserable..however I can't say much I do love a moody smize in my outfit pics haha!

    Faye x
    i wish i could wink


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