Monday, 14 September 2015

Life Through A New Lens

lunar look glasses
That title may be a little over-dramatic, but it is true that you don't realise how utterly blind you are until you get new glasses. I'm supposed to have been wearing glasses for the past 15 years but I pretty much stopped wearing them about 6 years ago - whoops. Although I claim that I can see without them (because I can!) it has gotten to the point where I can't read text from far away and I definitely can't drive without them, so it makes sense for me to start wearing them again. Who knows - maybe I can turn it into the next big fashion trend, right?

When I put them on for the first time on Friday it was honestly like switching over to a HD channel. It feels strange because I'm so used to the life of squinting and blurred edges but I reckon I could get used to seeing through this new lens. It is super annoying taking selfies with all that glare though! Sigh... bane of every glasses wearer's life.

What do you think of the glasses I picked out?


  1. I spent ages refusing to wear glasses, but after a few years it had got too bad for me to even consider driving without them! Now I actually quite like how they look and it's nice being able to see properly!
    Yours really suit you :)

    Bethan Likes


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