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Nina Reads Glamour Mag | October 2015

After last month's monstrosity, I'm pleased to say the least that I didn't find that much to complain about in October's issue of Glamour. It wasn't anything overly *great* but I did laugh out loud at some of the articles and I actually enjoyed browsing through all the gorgeous autumn fashion adverts. Who would've guessed? Keep on reading for a more in-depth run down of the good, bad and ugly parts. Note: poor image quality is a result of me reading/photographing/writing this post during my free period at sixth form (instead of doing my maths homework!)
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Editor's Letter I know we've probably all been guilty of it at some point in our lives, but one thing that really bugs me is seeing people express such a negative attitude about their job. The truth is that you can never achieve anything 'better' until you are grateful for what you already have - so stop complaining and count your blessings in order to bring about change! With the pull-quote "Even the worst jobs can give you great lessons", 'I feel like Jo Elvin's letter is a perfect example of expressing thankfulness for how the places you once were helped get you to where you are today. I did have an image but the quality was so abhorrent that this post is just better off without it.
I just love Karlie Kloss. Even if it is merely a Kate Spade advert. She looks gorgeous and I adore the cute caption underneath this photo - "Even when I'm wearing flats my head still almost touches the clouds!" 
This article was very funny in the sense of 'I am SO glad that wasn't me'. One of my colleagues recently told me the story of how she vomited in a shopping bag on her first day of work (seriously) and I thought that was the most shocking thing ever until I read some of these stories! 
An ENTIRE page of Taylor Swift for me to fan girl over? Yes please. I don't even care that she only ranked 5th on Glamour's best dressed list.

This was a very interesting read on non-monogamous relationships. I'm not a very traditional person and I love learning all about the ways other people live their lives - without hearing all the judgement that most magazines usually imply within their coverage.
This was the funniest part of the entire magazine by far. So hilarious that I believe you need to buy it in order to experience it in all its glory. The amount of stories about the crazy things people's parents have done is unbelievable and I'm just dreading the day I reach the point where I'm no longer in touch with the modern world. 'Cause it WILL happen to all of us sooner or later.
Sooooo much scaremongering. I didn't read this section (aside from the title) and I don't wish to. I firmly believe that nothing good comes out of 'searching' for problems and illnesses - so let's stop these silly articles trying to install fear into people. It's as dumb as Googling your symptoms, which we all know to never do.
I read this so you don't have to. The title basically sums it up - Dawn O'Porter waffling on about how much she loves her son and trying to make other mums feel bad if they don't feel miraculously different and totes emotional after the birth of their child. If that's what she believes, then fine, but I just think it's a strange thing to be publishing in this type of magazine.
??? Am I blind or ??? I really don't think FKA Twigs deserves to be placed 2nd in Glamour's Top 100 Best Dressed list. Perhaps somewhere in the 50s if you're feeling lucky, soz.

What did you think of this month's Glamour issue?

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