Monday, 23 November 2015

H&M Haul

It's rare that I go shopping however I recently found myself with a £50 H&M gift card in my possession (thanks to the #HMFALLINLOVE competition!) and thought it'd be fun to share my recent purchases with you guys. My autumn/winter wardrobe is in serious need of an update so hopefully these new additions will add some variety back to my style! Although they obviously still conform to my strictly muted-colours-only aesthetic...
lunar look h&m haul
lunar look h&m haul
h&m monochrome check shirt
Yes, I am only just jumping on that plaid shirt bandwagon... long-sleeved shirts are a must for me in winter and I love the sleekness of monochrome pieces. I'd pair this with black leggings for a casual sport luxe vibe.
h&m jumpers
h&m oatmeal jumper
These images don't do this jumper justice so keep an eye out on my Instagram for snaps of me wearing it. I also bought it in a size way too big so it's all warm and snuggly and amazing. Oatmeal colours remind me of autumn and seem to just be really cosy.
h&m glittery cat iphone case
I've been looking for a new phone case for ages and what could be better than glitter PLUS cats? It's basically everything I adore although I probably should have considered how impractical having ears on the top of your phone can be. Oh well. It's such a cute bargain for just £3.99!
h&m black blanket cape
Fringed blanket cape £14.99
I'm really not sure I can pull of a blanket cape without looking like a wizard but it'll be perfect for lazing around on cold wintery weekends... 

Which of my H&M purchases is your favourite?

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  1. great picks! I love that plaid shirt!

    Lee -


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