Thursday, 10 December 2015

Share The Love | Luxemme £15 Voucher Giveaway

luxemme £15 voucher giveaway
Christmas is the season of giving and it's an unfortunate fact that, in 2015, there are still so many who struggle during this time of year or are forced to go without the simple joys that most of us take for granted. Last year Luxemme worked with various charities and sent them free clothing to give to people who were homeless, orphaned or didn't have any family over Christmas. This year, they're hoping to spread the festive joy even further and want to help hundreds of people send extra gifts to their loved ones. Everyone wants to treat others during Christmas but it's understandable that sometimes financial circumstances make us unable to give as much as we'd like to.

Luxemme are giving away free £15 vouchers to spend on their site and have kindly allowed me to share the love by offering them to all my loyal readers and followers! It may seem like not much to most of us, but for so many such a thoughtful gift can really make a positive difference in their lives. They can be personally customised with the receiver's name and are perfect as a lovely stocking filler or maybe even a secret santa gift. Whatever you choose to do with them, I only hope that it helps to at least brighten someone's day and add a bit of that magical Christmas sparkle back into the festive period. After all, only in giving can we receive. If you want more love, give some away!

All you need to do now is follow Luxemme on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram then follow this link to get your vouchers posted to you free of charge. If that wasn't enough, you can also get 40% off your order using the discount code LUXEXMAS!

luxemme free £15 christmas vouchers
luxemme free christmas vouchers

Merry Christmas from Luxemme & Lunar Look!
Who/what will you spend your vouchers on?

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