Monday, 28 December 2015

Top Ten Trends of 2015

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... 2015 saw a great deal of strange and crazy fads - Kylie Jenner lip challenge anyone? - but only a few were memorable enough to have made a mark on the fashion and beauty industry. Here's my definitive round-up of the top ten trends made popular this year:
top ten trends of 2015
camel coats
1) Camel coats Marsala may have been named the colour of the year but it was camel that all the bloggers and fashion-insiders were wearing on their coats. I don't own one myself but the trend definitely gets my approval!
cara delevingne brows
2) Bold brows I still don't fully understand what 'on fleek' means and I probably never will but I am a big fan of Cara's signature eyebrows and if hers aren't on fleek then whose are?
over the knee boots
3) Over the knee boots LOVE. Pair with a jumper dress and see your winter fashion game instantly upped.
kylie jenner brown lips
4) Brown lipstick Inspired by the '90s trend, brown lips made a comeback this year with the help of Kylie Jenner recently launching her own lipkits featuring some lovely coffee coloured shades.
5) Cullottes Are they trousers or a skirt? No one can tell from far away but who cares when you look great in them.
contouring vs strobing
6) Contouring vs Strobing Basically just bronzer vs highlighter, right? I have no idea but I'm so bored of seeing makeup tutorials which look like a clown facepainting class so this trend can stay in 2015, please.
leather pants
7) Leather pants I want a pair soooooo bad. *fingers crossed these stay in 2016*
the lob
8) The lob Translation: long bob. I'm not sure how this managed to be such a prominent hairstyle this year but it was certainly seen on a lot of celebrities!
9) Suede skirt I'm not really a fan of skirts but they're cute, I guess! '70s fashion has been huge this year.
nyfw cold shoulder
10) Cold shoulder If it's good enough for NYFW, it's good enough for anyone. Cold shoulder tops are my fave.

What was your favourite trend of 2015? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Loved this post brown lips and camel coats defo me xoxox mine is 🌸

  2. Thanks for the lovely post and round up of the past year. I really enjoyed reading this. My faves have got to be the suede skirt and knee-high boots!
    Hope you've had a fab year and Happy New Year 2016! :)
    Emma xxx

  3. I actually like quite a few of these, and I LOVE leather trousers!

    Lilies and Lipbalm

  4. Really enjoyed this post, such a great beauty/fashion summary of the year! The lob was a personal favourite of mine :)

    Zoe x


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