Sunday, 31 January 2016

Thank You January

Thank you January for all that you gave us and thank you February for all that will come! Gratitude is the open door to abundance and it's a force far more powerful than any action you could take. I've been keeping a gratitude journal for 3 years now, so I'd thought I'd reflect on a few of the things I thanked the Universe for this past month.
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Images from my Instagram

Free cinema tickets from Citroen
These arrived a couple days into the new year and I'd totally forgotten I'd applied to win them before Christmas! It was a lovely surprise and now I just need to hurry up and decide what film to go see.

Began writing for Maximum Pop
Just before Christmas I applied to be a Style Intern for and now I'm happy to say I'm part of the team! Everyone's so great and passionate about the site and I'm really enjoying writing for them, especially since it combines my love of celebrities with my interest in fashion. You can see some of the articles I've written here.

UK Senior Mathematics Challenge
I've done the maths challenge every year since 2009 and I've always done well but not as great as I did this year! As you can see from my Instagram, I came away with not only a silver certificate but also 'best in year' and 'best in school' - seriously geeky, I know.

Finding new songs which you love
I've never really listened to One Direction much before but I am completely obsessed with Zayn's new song and music video 'PILLOWTALK'. I've listened to it way too many times for it to be healthy.

What are you thankful for in January?


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