Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Power of A Vision Board

I think the concept of a vision board has become very misconstrued recently, with most people now viewing it as merely a collage of pretty pictures which makes for an aesthetic Instagram post. However, the true purpose of a vision board is far from this; the power of visualisation is one that is beyond human comprehension. The good part is that you don't need to understand how it works in order to benefit from it, you just need to understand the importance of your thoughts and how you can use them to have ANYTHING you want in the universe.
everything you can imagine is real
A vision board is basically a collation of images which represent the 'things' you want to attract into your life. Whether it be material things like a new car, house, possession etc or something more abstract like happiness, a relationship or a certain feeling - it works for any desire that you have. The idea is to look at it often and view those things as already being yours. Not just thinking it, but believing it and FEELING it on every level. The Universe is a catalogue and you are simply making your order. Sit back and enjoy the unfolding.

Like I said before, you don't have to understand how or why a vision board works in order to benefit from it. But it helps to have unwavering faith in what you're doing because you know it's not philosophy, but rather physics. Everything in the Universe is made up of energy and all those things are vibrating at a certain frequency - including your thoughts. Think of yourself as a transmission tower broadcasting frequencies of thoughts into the Universe and literally creating your reality in front of you. Everything you can imagine is real because thoughts become things. That's all there is to it. Scientists did a study on athletes where they got them to run a race in their mind only and they found that the muscles fired in the exact same sequence as it would if they were actually running. This is because the Universe doesn't know the difference between things that are happening in your imagination or in reality. If you can see it in your mind, you can have it in your hand!

There was a man who had been told the art of visualisation before, but didn't really believe in it that much. One day, while he was clearing his attic, he found a box containing his old vision boards from years ago. As he was looking through them, he saw a photo of a house which he'd put on there as he'd wanted to manifest into his life and immediately started crying. He realised that he was actually living in that very house today. Not a similar one, the EXACT one. He was shocked. He'd attracted his dream house into his life and was living in it without even realising! That was the day he truly began to understand the power of visualisation.

Be specific. Play out the event of having what you want in your mind. If you want a new car, look at the back of your hands. Truly look at them and study the lines and veins. Now imagine those exact hands wrapping themselves around your brand new steering wheel. Feel how amazing it is to finally have what you've always wanted. It should feel so good that you don't even need the car any more because it feels like you already have it! 

That's the power of visualisation. And I'll let you into a secret - no dream or goal or desire is too big. It's just as easy to manifest a cup of coffee as it is to manifest a million pounds. It is only your belief that one is more difficult to attract than the other that prolongs your absence of it. Happy Visualising! X

What are you putting on your vision board?


  1. I've never heard of this concept before, but it's so interesting and definitely something I want to try! x

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