Friday, 1 January 2016

Why I Don't Make New Year's Resolutions

2016 is on the horizon and everyone has something that they want to accomplish. Whether it be to lose weight, to get a better job or maybe even to become a happier person in general - this is the time of the year people start talking about their goals. I, however, will not be making a resolution for the New Year. Here’s why.
2016 diary

The perfect moment to start is now
Don’t get me wrong, I have plans and aspirations too. My problem with New Year's resolutions isn’t the fact that people are trying to improve themselves, it’s the notion that somehow the beginning of a new year is required to spur action. “New year, new me!”, so the saying goes. But the way I look at it is why not, “New day, new me!” or even “New second, new me!”? As human beings we are all constantly expanding, changing and evolving in ways you can’t even imagine. It is never too late to be brand new. If I want something, I don’t need to wait until the New Year to have it. I’m gonna go out and get it now.

Successful people understand that life isn’t just happening to them, it’s responding to them. They don’t sit around waiting for opportunities to arise, they knock and the door is opened. Most people think they are ‘knocking’ by making New Year’s resolutions, but really I think they are just the perfect excuse for procrastination to breed. When it’s halfway through January and you haven’t completed your goal yet - “oh well, there’s always next year.” There is a reason why the majority of New Year's resolutions are given up on within the first three months. If you really want to achieve something, you need to erase the mindset that it needs to be start of a year for you to be inspired. Set your mind on something and stick with it. Know that it’s yours no matter how many obstacles you face along the way because you are a runner and you always finish the race.

The action isn’t actually that important
Most new years resolutions focus purely on action. “I want to lose three stone” “I want to read 50 books” “I want to earn £50k” or in other words, “I will complete a series of tasks and only then will I be happy.” The problem with this is that what most people don’t know is the 'doing’ part of achieving a desire is actually significantly smaller than the 'thinking’ part. The most important thing when it comes to accomplishing goals is your mindset and the way that you feel. Only then will you experience what we call 'inspired action’. Make feeling joy your priority instead of an end result and watch the magic that happens.

Forced isn't fun
Most people set New Year's resolutions just because they feel they have to. They’re under pressure and often set goals they aren’t committed to achieving and therefore don’t have the drive and emotional energy behind it. You simply cannot attract something to you if you are feeling bad about it. Desires should feel good. Amazing, even. It’s supposed to be fun! This is why it’s rare to see someone who constantly complains about being on a diet actually lose weight. They’re too busy being negative and feeling bad to bring about any positive result. Whatever you choose as your goal, the number one rule is to feel good.

Thank you 2015 for all that you gave us and thank you 2016 for all that will come!


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