Hi! I'm Nina  - a lover of words / positive thinker / quiz show fanatic from the South West of England. I'm also currently a sixth form student taking A-levels in Mathematics, Further Maths, English Literature and Media Studies.

I think it's quite difficult to summarise your entire persona and existence into such a short space, so hopefully you'll learn a lot more about me through reading my blog and hearing my thoughts! Although, a pretty important thing to mention is that I have a passion for all things related to poetry/literature/writing and spend a lot of my time reading, so being able to share my words and views with you all on here is something I feel so grateful to be able to do. I'll try keep this blog mostly about fashion and lifestyle, however you may see some other posts pop up as my blog progresses!

My main social networking links are my sidebar if you'd like to have a browse :-)

If you would like to contact me regarding any queries, opportunities, or simply just for a chat then feel free to email me at ninajohnclement@yahoo.co.uk any time, I'd love to hear from you!

Nina xo